Visual Studio 2008 Update

Duration: 1 day
Type: intermediate


This course enables .NET developers to make use of the new features introduced in Visual Studio 2008

Delegates start with the language features introduced in C# version 3 and then see how these features work in combination to enable the LINQ syntax. The object, XML and SQL Server implementations of LINQ are covered in detail, plus an overview of its role in the ADO .NET Entity Framework.

Following this delegates cover the enhacements to Web Application development in VS2008, these being support for AJAX based controls and the Windows Communication Foundation. The architecture of AJAX is covered in depth, including the components provided in the ASP .NET AJAX Control Toolkit.


Delegates must be experienced C# developers who are familiar with ADO .NET and ASP .NET.

List of Modules

New C# Language Features

Local Type Inference
Anonymous Types
Object Initialization Syntax
Extension Methods
Generated Properties
Lambda Expressions
Partial Methods

Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

The basic syntax of a LINQ query
Data sources that support LINQ queries
The IEnumable and IQueryable interfaces
How LINQ to objects is implemented
How other implementations use providers
Running queries against collections of objects
Running queries against XML documents
Running queries against a SQL Server database
Combining LINQ with the Entity Framework

Introducing AJAX in ASP .NET

Review of AJAX Core Concepts
The ASP enhancements to JavaScript
The role of the ScriptManager control
Placing standard controls in an UpdatePanel
Best practises for using UpdatePanels
Calling Web Services asynchronously via AJAX
Creating AJAX enabled ASP Web Controls
Writing extenders to enhance controls
Working with the AJAX Control Toolkit

The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Review of existing distributed technologies
How older methods are unified in WCF
Building services via code and config files
Defining service contracts using WSDL
Choosing protocol and transport channels
Bindings which come preconfigured with WCF
Customizing your service with behaviors
Creating clients for WCF services