Java 6 Update

Duration: 1 day
Type: intermediate


This workshop enables experienced Java developers to update their programming skills by learning and applying features introduced in the latest version of the language


Delegates should be experienced Java developers

List of Modules

Miscellaneous Improvements

The isEmpty method of the String class
Improved mechanism for loading JDBC Drivers
Enhancements to the JConsole utility program
Adding a splash screen to your application
Displaying your program in the System Tray

Changes in the Collections Library

The double ended queue (deque) collection type
The NavigableMap and NavigableSet interfaces
New implementations of the collection interfaces
Enhancements to the Arrays utility class

Changes in I/O

Improved console I/O via the Console class
Determining free space and changing file permissions
Support for storing and manipulating HTTP cookies

XML and Web Services

Reading and generating XML using StAX
Attaching Digital Signatures to XML documents
Serializing objects into XML using JAXB 2.0
Using JAX-WS to create Web Service clients

The Compiler API

Compiling Java source from inside a program
Listening to compiler errors and warnings
Choosing the input and output directories
Performing compilations entirely in main memory

The Scripting API

Overview of scripting on the Java Platform
Examples of JVM based scripting engines
Discovering the available scripting engines
Calling scripted functions from Java
Evaluating and compiling scripts