.Net Quickstart for Experienced Developers

Duration: 4 days
Type: advanced


This is a fast paced course for software teams who require an accelerated guide to the .NET Framework and its major API's. The course takes experienced OO developers and rapidly transitions them from their current environment into .NET development.

Experienced JEE and Windows developers can use this course to move to .NET by leveraging their existing skills. Each topic is related to the delegates background and detailed comparisons are made with the JEE and older Microsoft technologies.

Course examples are presented using VB .NET and C# implementations. Delegates can choose a single language to concentrate on during the course or explore mixed language development.

The full course runs over four days and covers all major aspects of .NET application development. Alternatively clients can tailor the course down to three days based on their specific requirements.


Delegates must be very proficient Java, C++ or VB6 developers with a minimum of 5 years commercial programming experience.

List of Modules

Fundamental Concepts

Introduction to the CLR
Comparing the CLR and the Java VM
Assemblies and Application Domains
Examining assemblies using ILDASM
Locating and loading assemblies
Deploying assemblies to the GAC
Obfuscating .NET code

Advanced Fundamentals

Creating secure assemblies
Understanding Intermediate Language
Writing programs using IL and ILASM
Creating code wizards using CodeDOM
Examining code using Introspection
Context bound objects and interception

Programming Languages

Common features of all .NET languages
Transitioning from VB to VB .NET
Comparing Java and C# development
Understanding Managed C++ coding
Creating unit test classes with NUnit

Threading Support in .NET

Creating and stopping threads
Using the CLR thread pool
Synchronizing shared data
Using the Monitor class

I/O Support in .NET

Reading and writing from files
Networking using sockets

XML Support in .NET

Creating XML with DOM
Building XML using Writers
Consuming XML using Readers
Querying documents using XPath
Applying XSLT stylesheets in .NET
Validating documents against Schemas

Database Access with ADO .NET

The ADO .NET architecture and XML
Creating and using database connections
Executing command objects
Understanding DataSet objects
Manually populating a DataSet
Populating a DataSet from a query
Generating and using Typed DataSets

Client Side Development with Windows Forms

The basics of a WinForms application
Creating forms manually and in the IDE
Working with controls and menus
Displaying the result of database queries
Event handling using delegates
Safely adding concurrency to WinForms
Building your own custom controls

Web Application Development with ASP .NET

The ASP .NET compilation model
Creating new Web Applications
Using Code Behind to separate presentation from business logic
State management and controls
Using the HTML and Web Controls
Validating input and logging errors
Displaying the result of database queries
Building custom controls for ASP

Web Services in .NET

Building Web Services with ASP .NET
Creating Web Service clients
Adding state to Web Services
Securing Web Service method calls