Developing Web Applications Using ASP Web Controls

Duration: 2 days
Type: intermediate


This course enables .NET developers to develop Web Applications using ASP .NET Web Controls


Delegates must be experienced C# developers who are familiar with HTML.

List of Modules

Core Concepts of ASP .NET

The page compilation process
Using controls to abstract content
Building a page flow based on post-backs
Caching control data in hidden form fields
Adding AJAX to improve responsiveness

Creating Basic ASP .NET Pages

Extracting data from the request
Storing information in the view state
Storing information in the session and application
Events in the lifecycle of a page
Detecting if the current request is a post-back
Attaching handlers to page events
Placing standard controls on the page
Attaching handlers to control events
Importing types from other namespaces
Adjusting the contents and styling of a control at runtime

Creating Intermediate ASP .NET Pages

Attaching validators to controls and displaying errors
Catching exceptions and configuring error handling pages
Using the Repeater control to display lists of objects
Using Data Source controls for convenient access to databases
Using the Object Data Source control to preserve a layered architecture
Advanced features of the GridView control (paging, sorting etc…)
Simplifying page layouts by specifying Master Pages
Using Themes to create a consistent look and feel
Creating User Controls to reuse content across pages
Implementing page flows using Cross Page Post Backs

Using AJAX Enabled Controls

Overview of support for AJAX in ASP .NET
Performing partial page refreshes via an UpdatePanel
Installing and using the ASP .NET AJAX Control Toolkit

Securing ASP .NET Applications

Using the standard controls for authentication
Support in Visual Studio for creating your own user database
Creating your own Membership Provider implementation
Guarding against common security attacks