Advanced JEE Web Application Development (TagLibs and JSTL)

Duration: 2 days
Type: advanced


This is an advanced JEE course which covers the creation of JSP Tag Libraries and the JSTL. Delegates learn how to create complex web based interfaces whilst keeping their server pages clean and maintainable.


Delegates must be experienced in standard JEE Web Application development using JSP's and Servlets.

List of Modules

Introduction to Tag Library Development

Writing Tag Library Descriptors (TLD's)
Introducing the tag extension API
How Jasper uses your tag classes in Tomcat

The Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

Installing the JSTL in your container
Using the conditional and iteration tags
Formatting dates and numbers
Actions to hide XML and JDBC code

Unit Testing Tag Libraries with TagUnit

Installing the TagUnit testing tool
Tests automatically written by the tool
Writing your own unit tests for tags
Creating a comprehensive test suite

Basic Tag Library Development

Creating simple custom actions
Creating actions with content
Interacting with the built in JSP objects
Nesting actions inside one another

Advanced Tag Library Development

Introducing Tag Extra Info classes
Adding extra variables to the JSP
Adding validation of tag attributes
Actions that interact with arbitrary code

Tag Library Development in JSP 2.0

Introducing Tag Files
Creating and deploying Tag Files
Extra directives used in Tag Files
Extra actions used in Tag Files